Approach to Governance

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Approach to Governance

Strong governance is a key feature of the way the Trust works.  We recognise that the expertise and commitment of strong governors can significantly challenge and support us to achieve our objectives.  We understand that some decisions are best addressed by looking across the Trust but that the majority of decisions are best made closest to the point of delivery through Local Governing Bodies.

Carillion Academies Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity (registration number 09323071). The Charitable Company's memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the Trust. For the purposes of company law the Trust Board act as the Trustees for the charitable activities of the Trust.  The current principal activity of the Trust is the sponsorship of primary academies in the North of England.

The recruitment and appointment of Members and Trustees is set out within the Articles of Association, the Trust Approach to Governance and the Scheme of Delegation. The term of office, number and types of Trustees and Governors of the academies is clearly set out in the Approach to Governance.

The governance structure of the Trust is on three levels: the Members, the Trust Board (and its subcommittees) and individual academy Local Governing Bodies. The Trust Board is responsible for the strategic decision making of the Trust. The Trust Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained. It exercises its powers and functions by setting strategic objectives and targets for the Trust and reviewing performance in their achievement, holding the Trust to account for the performance of the Trust and the performance of the individual academies within the Trust and ensuring that the systems of internal governance, financial management, HR management and operations is effective in supporting the Trust to achieve its objectives.

The Trustees on the Board include:

  • Rob Holt - Managing Director, Regions and Communities, Carillion Plc;
  • Anne Ramsay - General Counsel, Carillion Plc; and
  • Anne Toms - Head of Government Affairs, Carillion Plc.

The Trust Board is supported by an Advisory Group which includes representatives with expertise as Directors of Boards and / or in key disciplines such as HR and previous experience in education (such as experience on Governing Bodies).

Directors are required to declare any Business Interests which they have.  The following list indicates the responses from the Trustees at the start of the 2016 / 2017 academic year:

  • Rob Holt - Managing Director, Carillion Community Services; company directorships include inspiredspacesSTaG Ltd, inspiredspacesNottingham Ltd, inspiredspacesTameside Ltd, inspiredspacesRochdale Ltd, inspiredspacesDurham Ltd and inspiredspacesWolverhampton Ltd.
  • Anne Ramsay - General Counsel, Carillion Plc.
  • Anne Toms - Head of Government Affairs, Carillion Plc.

The Trust Board receives reports from the Finance and Business Board, the Achievement and Improvement Board and the Appeals Committee.

At Local Governing Body level the meetings receive reports from the Finance and Resources committee, the Staff and Pupil Wellbeing Committee and the Pay and Appeals committees.

For a copy of the Carillion Academies Trust Articles of Association please click here.

For a copy of the Trust Annual Report to the end of August 2016 please click here.