Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Carillion Academies Trust is a fresh and innovative model of Trust that combines educational expertise with business and commercial understanding.  In this way we support children and young people to achieve educational success and then use this to progress effectively into the world of employment.

The Trust is being established in a scalable and sustainable way that enable us to undertake properly considered expansion, building on proven practice to create a strong multi-chain network of practice that supports academies at all levels.

Our academies will include schools across the age, achievement and challenge continuum but they will have common threads.  Trust schools will be dynamic, they will set achievement at the heart of what they do, they will understand their significance to the community and a moral purpose will inform their work.  Additionally, they will take a collective responsibility for our success, leverage the capacity and capability within all our schools - particularly those that demonstrate outstanding practice.

 Our Guiding Principles -for Document Expanded