Capacity Building

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Capacity Building


Our academies will be learning communities where everyone is involved in a continuous process of improvement and enrichment.  The Trust will be committed to promoting a positive climate for continuous learning: continual professional development is the means by which the academy is able to motivate and develop its staff.  It does so at a variety of levels: individual, team, whole academy and through the wider networks of the Trust with an emphasis on collaborative learning.

Key Elements Of Our Strategy _Build Cap

Leadership Development

We will support specific leadership programmes that will focus on leadership in academies, leadership of academy to academy support and leadership across the Trust.

Developing Governance

Effective academies require strong governance.  As part of our leadership programme we will have dedicated support to develop advisory bodies.  We will promote governors in the process of self-evaluation and then support them to set in place a bespoke development plan that will result in a strong and sustainable strategic leadership for the academy.

Professional Development

Carillion Academies Trust will provide their staff with a range of tools to ensure a prosperous working environment. This will be made available via the following:

  • Developmental performance management
  • Structured career development opportunities
  • Shared Best Practice
  • Cross Trust Collaboration Tools 

We will engage with the students of our academies as active citizens in the process of their own education and learning experiences.  In doing this we have developed a link with the Young Advisors Charity to develop a model for 'learning conversations' across our primary, secondary and special academies that is appropriate for each but which advises on relevant and meaningful areas of the organisations.