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"If you want to be incrementally better, be competitive.  If you want to be exponentially better, be co-operative."Key Elements Of Our Strategy _Learning Coms


Carillion Academies Trust will be committed to creating the right opportunities for young people, staff and communities to co-operate and work together; supporting young people to become local, national and global citizens.

A Learning Trust

Learning will sit at the heart of our Trust for both pupils and staff.  We will actively promote that network of learning across the Trust, creating a collective responsibility for the success of individuals.

Local Community for Schools

We also recognise the importance of our academies being active members of the local family of schools in the area.  In turn, the wider Trust can benefit from their expertise.

Rooted in the Local Community

All of our academies will be supported to link with the communities in which they are located but with a global perspective.  This will ensure that young people benefit from an aspirational learning community.