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All Carillion Academies Trust academies will be on a journey to outstanding and will be supported by the Trust to achieve this through a relentless focus on standards and our robust approach to school improvement.

Key Elements Of Our Strategy _Excellence


A relentless focus on standards

Carillion Academies Trust is committed to equality of opportunity and an equitable approach to all of those connected to it.  In order to achieve our shared vision and to provide the best experience possible for all our students, there will be one exacting, integrated Trust Standard.  This will apply to all core aspects of the Academies' role and responsibilities: educational entitlement and delivery; professional development and HR; governance and finance; the learning environment; ICT and technology; and community.

Within the Carillion Academies Trust Standard there are three attainment typologies: Enabling. Accelerating and Outstanding.  To become a Carillion Academies Trust Academy, all of our academies will need to meet the requirements of the Standard at the Enabling baseline rating.  We will map out the journey in detail to help each academy move forward with the specific goal of moving towards Outstanding.

School Improvement

Our key education services for academy improvement will focus on the significant areas of leadership, standards, learning, teaching, curriculum and technologies and are fundamental to the success of our academies.  In determining the level of service each academy requires and their level of autonomy or intervention, we will undertake a rigorous assessment process.  We have set out our standards which will be quality assured by the Trust, and the assessment process that will determine at what level they are being met.  The level of autonomy for our academies will increase in relation to the success of their outcomes in both achievement and Ofsted inspection.

Rational Autonomy - Local Accountability

Our core principle is to devolve accountability nearest to the point of delivery: to the Local Governing Bodies of the Academies, to leaders at every level, and to students and adults in the classrooms.  The accountability will operate within a rationale set by the Trust.