Leading Edge Partnership

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Leading Edge Partnership


'Inspiring Minds' will be a key aim of the Trust and we will tackle this aspiration for our students by creating a community of people who think carefully about education and learning.  In turn we will harness this capacity for all members of our teams and our Academies.  To help facilitate this we will establish an enrichment fund.Key Elements Of Our Strategy _Leading Edge

The purpose of this fund will be to take forward this thinking, combine it with research projects and develop a best practice programme.

Outstanding academies in our Trust will be encouraged to become teaching academies and to work with us to develop cutting edge practice through research and test-bed development.  This will include:

  • Annual commissioned research in partnership with the Higher Education Institutes
  • The Great Educational Debate supported by the annual research, including a call for evidence from across our Academies
  • The funding of a number of smaller action research projects in our outstanding Academies work with, for example, NFER; Futurelab or local universities
  • Forums within and across our Academies
  • A community network or practice with seeded community pieces

The leading edge partnership will work not only across academies in the Trust, but will also set up and develop links with other schools that are in the same areas as our academies, other Trusts and will contribute to the national development of academies through the education community.