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We are committed to ensuring appropriate progression for all students: academic progress; personal progress and progress to employment.

Key Elements Of Our Strategy _Progression

At the heart of the success is the importance of building a learning partnership.

Academic Progress

Each academy will lead on the academic progress, personal progress and progress to employment but Trust sponsors will have a responsibility for providing structured support and challenge for the progression plans.  The Trust will provide effective data analysis tools and support the provision of data to the academies, as a basis for effective planning at an organisational and individual level.

Employment Progression

We believe that learning is most effective when it is in context.  We also believe that a major purpose of education and learning is to prepare our young people for the next stage of their career at the academy and beyond.  We regard the 'progression to work' aspect of the curriculum to be very important for our academies, staff and our young people.

Personal Progress

A key feature of the Trust's academies will be the targets and plans in place to support development in these areas.  Personalised progression plans will be developed in conjunction with students and their families.  As children grow and mature they will be expected to take increasing responsibility for, and ownership of, these plans with mentored support to achieve this.  The progress in the plan will form the basis of learning conversations with tutors on a regular basis where goals will be reviewed and reset.  The frequency of the goal setting conversation around a student's work makes the learning more manageable and any barriers can be detected and acted on quickly.

Progression - Personal , Academic And Progress To Employment