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Carillion Academies Trust to sponsor two new academies


Carillion Academies Trust has been named as the sponsor for two new primary schools in Tameside.

The schools will be run through the charitable, not-for-profit trust and will draw on Carillion's strong commitment to communities, sustainability and investment in the development of outstanding skills to work in a multi-academy setting and establish ourselves as a charitable not-for-profit Academy Trust.

Robert Holt from Carillion, said: "We are delighted to have been named as the sponsor for these two exciting education projects. Carillion has a strong association with Tameside and through our work there have already invested significantly in training and skills.

This opportunity aligns with our commitment to creating lasting partnerships and to our core values.

We will build a learning partnership between the new academies, the local communities and the business community. As a major employer we have a vested interest in developing successful, capable young people and in up-skilling the communities we work with".

Rob added: "We are committed to linking our business ethics, systems and rigour in the delivery of education through schools that we sponsor.

We look forward to developing the new schools in Tameside by combining our educational expertise with business and commercial rigour to support children and young people to achieve outstanding educational success and then to use this to progress effectively into the world of employment".

The Department for Education has announced 39 new academies and their sponsors under the Government's Targeted Basic Needs Programme, part of the Government's drive to create new school places in areas facing pressure on school places.

Schools Minister David Laws said: "The sponsors we have announced are top-performing organisations that will use their expertise and know-how to ensure young people receive the high-quality education they deserve."