Discovery Day to Day

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Day to Day

We want to give you an insight into the day to day running of our academy. We believe this is important as it encourages an active involvement at home and gives peace of mind to parents, knowing that their child is in safe and capable hands.

School Day

The new academy day timings will be posted here when available.

Punctuality and Attendance:

Excellent attendance and punctuality are the key to our pupils' success. Therefore, we must ensure that attendance and punctuality are the highest they possibly can be. In line with the Government and Local Authority guidelines, we expect all of our students to maintain maximum  attendance. It will be the responsibility of everyone in our school community - parents, staff, pupils and governors to ensure they achieve this.

Everyone is genuinely ill at some point and this may lead pupils to miss a day or two of school, but that should be a very rare occurrence.

If your child is ill, please report this to the academy office so your child's absence can be authorised.


We want pupils to be proud of being part of the new academy.  We believe that wearing a practical uniform enhances this feeling of belonging.

We will provide support in any event of difficulty regarding the purchase of uniform.

Pupils attending the academy will be required to wear the uniform as described below:

  • Girls - Dark grey skirt or trousers together with a white polo-shirt and academy sweatshirt or cardigan. In summer girls can wear blue and white checked dresses (not sun dresses). Black shoes - sensible and safe without flashing heels. 

  • Boys - Dark grey shorts or trousers together with a white polo-shirt and academy sweatshirt or cardigan. Black shoes - sensible and safe without flashing heels. 

In addition to the academy uniform above pupils will be required to wear PE kit for games. The same kit is required for boys and girls and will include: 

  • Black sports shorts (not cycling or leisure shorts) and a plain white t-shirt. 

  • A pair of pumps or trainers without flashing heels.


Our academy will have the same term times as other shools in the Tameside area, please see below:


  Opening Morning of:     Closing afternoon of:  
Autumn    Tues 1st Sept 2015  Fri 23 Oct 2015
      Mon 2nd Nov 2015  Fri 18th Dec 2015
Spring  Mon 4th Jan 2016  Fri 12th Feb 2016
      Mon 22nd Feb 2016  Thurs 31st March 2016
Summer    Mon 18th April 2016  Fri 20th May 2016
      Mon 6th June 2016  Fri 22nd July 2016


We expect pupils to attend throughout the entire term, only in exceptional circumstances may they be allowed to miss school.  Any requests for pupils to be absent should be made to the Executive Principal and will be reiveiwed by the Local Advisory Body.

Legislation and requests for term time abscence

Previously regulations have allowed Executive Principals to grant leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time in 'special circumstance' of up to ten school days leave per year.  Executive Principals were also permitted to grant extended leave for more than ten school days in 'exceptional circumstances'.  From the 1st September 2013, amendments were made to remove this.  Please note that holidays taken during term time, without prior permission from school, could result in legal sanctions for irregular attendance being taken.