Added Value

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Added Value

We know that success in an ever changing and fiercely competitive global society demands that our young people are prepared and that education and learning underpins this preparation.  In our view successful individuals on their own are not enough, we need also to support the creation of thriving communities and well educated, flexible, creative, inspired and motivated people.

To support this, the Trust will build on the extensive reach and partnerships of its sponsor.  Each academy can draw down a number of added value services which align with the academies values and extended curriculum offerings.

To help motivate, we will provide real life links to learning.  We link the work and curriculum of our academies to skills demand, providing direct support to link to local businesses and Carillion, and promoting activities in partnership with local colleges and training providers.

Being a Carillion Academies Trust academy opens up links to support from a wide range of varied opportunities across areas of work vital to society such as health, education, road, rail, defence and construction.  Maintaining our economy of highly skilled creative industries and commercial concerns
requires a supply of well educated, flexible, creative, inspired and motivated people  In order to help our academies fulfil this need we have developed a range of added value opportunities.

Our added value offer includes:

  • Progression to employment - Understanding opportunities -experts / professionals supporting the curriculum, sponsored university visits,
    introduction to apprenticeship programmes.  Engendering enterprise - setting up academy-based businesses, annual Dragons Den competitions and enterprise summer schools.  Personal progression / progression to employment - including communication and presentation skills, mentoring, leadership, customer service training, CV writing and mock interviews.
  • Personal progression - building confidence and self-esteem through listening, discussing, debating, influencing and decision making.
  • Community - community mapping, consultation to participation - growing your community capability, skills matching.